LSD-SE :: Class-A :: Single Ended :: Vacuum Tube Amplifier

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LSD-SE :: Class-A :: Single Ended :: Vacuum Tube Amplifier

The Lullaby Single Ended Model is meant to be one thing, and one thing alone. The finest Single Ended, Low Wattage, Class A Vacuum Tube Instrument Amplifier available.

"I did not re-invent the wheel with this model. I simply built the best wheel that I could make."

 Jason Harrington :: Lullaby Sound Design Founder

Power Options
5 Watts :: Class A  9 Watts :: Class A
6V6 Vacuum Tube 6L6 Vacuum Tube

Single Ended Circuitry

Additional Harmonic Content

Single Ended Circuitry

Additional Maximum Headroom


    • Full-Wave 5Y3 Tube Rectifier
    • 2-Stage 6SL7 Tube Preamplifier 
    • Handwired on Brass Eyelet Board
    • 10" Ragin Cajun Speaker (Eminence USA)
    • 1/4" Instrument (1-Meg Ohm)
    • Volume Control
    • Made by hand in South Louisiana.  Fait en Louisiane
    • Proprietary Cabinet:
    • Finger Joined Juniper; Hand Rubbed Oil Finish
    • 100% Shielded Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis
    • Top-Shelf Audio Capacitors: German
    • Top-Shelf Transformers: Canadian
    • Top-Shelf Speaker: American
    • Hand Numbered and Signed by Lullaby Founder Jason Harrington