LSD-SE-Rouge Vieux Amplifier

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Power Output:
5 Watts, Class A
10" American Made Ceramic
13" x 13" x 11" Finger Joined Cedar
Full Wave 5Y3GT Vacuum Tube
Dual-Triode Vacuum Tube Gain Stages 6SL7
Self Biasing Beam-Tetrode 6V6 Vacuum Tube
Single Ended 6V6 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Combo in Rouge Pine Cabinet
LSD-SE-009 :: 5 Watts :: Class A :: 6V6
"Ridiculously Rich and Responsive"
"Harmonic Heaven"
Single Ended Class A Circuitry :: Self Biasing 6V6 Power :: Pure Path Vacuum Tube Tone :: Top Shelf Transformers and Components
A Handmade and Handwired Single Ended Tube Amplifier Combo built from scratch in Lafayette, Louisiana.
Amplifiers are Made to Order
Delivery Time - 6 Weeks
Standard Models and Custom Options Available.


Power Output 5 Watts, Class A
Speaker 10" American Made Ceramic
Cabinet 13" x 13" x 11" Finger Jointed Juniper
Rectifier Full Wave 5Y3GT Tube
Preamplifier Octal Based 6SL7 Tube
Power Self Biasing 6V6 Single Ended Tube



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