RESERVE A BENCH! MARCH 2019!! Amp Building Workshop (3 Sessions): Build your own Professional Tube Amp Combo!

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An optional dust cover is offered for both the standard cabinet and the grande cabinet.

Single Ended Workshop : Lullaby Sound Design : March 2019 : FREE Soldering Tutorial Prior to Each Workshop Session! 

Limited space available, so if you'd like to be a part of this, reserve you bench as soon as you can! 

$295 Deposit required to reserve your bench! EDIT :: The

The remainder of your balance is due prior to taking your new amp home with you. Total Costs are $495 for a standalone amplifier in sealed chassis, $695 for 10" Combo, $745 for 12" Combo!

The amplifier we will be building is the Lullaby Standard: Single Ended Model

  • 6V6 Power Tube: 5-Watt Class A Output Power into 8 Ohms
  • 6SL7 Octal Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with 2 Gain Stages
  • Built on Lullaby's handmade eyelet boards using top quality components!
  • Sealed Die Cast Aluminum Chassis: Stand Alone or Mountable in a Cabinet

The Cast Aluminum Amplifier Chassis is designed to mount in the Standard Lullaby Juniper Cabinet with a single 10" Speaker (Also available with 12" Speaker). If you already have a speaker cabinet or two, or you'd like to build your own, you can choose the stand alone option which will discount the cost of the cabinet. The Lullaby is built in a sealed aluminum chassis and is self standing with standard speaker outputs. So, it can easily be used with, or installed into another speaker cabinet.

There are 3 Workshop Sessions over 3 Weeks with FREE Soldering Tutorials in the Shop Prior to EACH Workshop Session: First Timers will be Supported! You'll likely only need one session each week to complete the build, but you are welcomed to attend each session and to build at your own pace. The idea is to make it easier to fit into your schedule, while also offering more time to those wanting to learn more or take their time building. Either way, c'est tout bon!

Session 1: Power Supply: In our first session, we will explore the different elements of the Vacuum Tube Power Supply. You'll learn how a transformer works, and what a rectifier does. It'll also give us an opportunity to learn the basics about a few of the fundamental electronic components; Capacitors, Resistors, Diodes, etc. 

REMEMBER!! Beginners are welcomed and encouraged to sign up! All tools, supplies, and guidance will be provided If you are willing to take your time and focus on the details of your build, you will be able to build a phenomenal sounding amplifier that you can truly call your own; made by you! 

  • Friday March 15th 6pm-9pm
  • Saturday March 16th 6pm-9pm
  • Monday March 18th 6pm-9pm

Session 2: Audio Circuitry: In our second Session we will construct the audio circuitry which will become the voice of our amplifier. We will learn what is meant by terms like Single Ended, and Class A, as well as tips and insights into how to make our build sound its best. 

REMEMBER!! FREE Soldering Tutoring is available before each workshop session. Just come a little early, and we will make sure that you are confident with a soldering iron. It's fairly simple once you know the basics; again, if you are willing to take your time and pay attention to detail, you can certainly become fluent in basic soldering within a few minutes. 

  • Friday March 22th 6pm-9pm
  • Saturday March 23th 6pm-9pm
  • Monday March 24th 6pm-9pm

Session 3: Assembly-Fit-Finish-Play Testing: Our third session will give us an opportunity to analyse the circuit of our creation. We will see our instruments waveform on an oscilloscope and discuss how to assess the vital signs of your amplifier. You'll learn about basic troubleshooting practices that will assure that your amp is working properly and safely. Finally, we get to plug them in and make a little music! You'll hear the rewards of your effort, and I believe, be inspired by the music and sound that you'll create!

REMEMBER!! Even if you've never held a soldering iron, you can do this. No engineering or electronics background is necessary, what's truly needed is a patient hand, a careful eye, and an open mind. If you've got those, you should sign up! I hope you do!

  • Friday March 29th 6pm-9pm
  • Saturday March 30th 6pm-9pm
  • Monday March 31th 6pm-9pm

NOTE :: One session per week should be sufficient for completing the build. However, you are welcomed to attend each session if you'd like. However, I would rather not go ahead in a session unless everyone there is ready to move on. By allowing a little time to pass in between sessions, you'll have time to digest the information that we learned in the previous session and ask questions or for clarification when you return. 

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