• Prototype Chassis is Copper Plated Steel with Natural Cork Grip.

    Lullaby Sound Design

    The Harpoon : SOLD OUT: Handheld Harmonica Microphone

    The Harpoon is Lullaby’s take on the handheld Harmonica Microphone. It's voice is designed to imitate the early Astatic Biscuit Microphones used by Little Walter. For this Prototype Run I chose a half dozen Mil-Spec American Made Audio...

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  • The Lullaby

    The Lullaby is a Road-Tested, Musician Approved, Professional-Grade, Low Wattage Vacuum Tube Amplifier, Handmade in Lafayette, LA. ::FREE SHIPPING TO THE CONTINENTAL US:: The Lullaby is designed to be an alternative to the disposable electronics...

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  • The difference between a scatterwound, low-output pickup, and a modern machine produced coil is not subtle. The overtones and harmonic content of a non-potted coil add a dimensional feel to your playing experience.

    Traditional Stratocaster Pickups (Hand Wrapped)

    Our Stratocaster Pickups are meticulously crafted to incredibly high standards. We have researched, studied, and practiced the coil winding practices made famous by Fender in the 1950's, and have been furthered and improved by Seymore Duncan and others...

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Lullaby Sound Design Creates Individually Voiced Instrument Amplifiers Built to Heirloom Standards. Fait En Louisiane.