• Specklers: No Egrets: Cover Art by Jason and Joeann Harrington

    PRESALE: Specklers: No Egrets: EP on 10" Vinyl: 45rpm

    PRESALE: Expected Release Date is November 15th, 2020 No Egrets is the latest release by Specklers. Specklers take the cultural sounds of South Louisiana to new and unexpected places to produce a sound that is both strikingly fresh and comfortably...

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  • This limited print edition features a unique handpainted cover titled "Munk". Your CD jacket will be this design, but with some variance due to each being painted by hand. Each jacket is hand numbered and signed by Jason Harrington and Lucas Broussard.

    Specklers: Animal Monk: 2019: Limited Edition CD

    LIMITED EDITION: THIS ITEM SHIPS IN A HANDPAINTED, NUMBERED, and SIGNED COVER.    Animal Monk came together from an opportunity to roll tape on an incredible, unused, Studer 2" tape machine. Friend, musician, songwriter, and engineer, Charlie...

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  • In the Clover Cover: Aboiteau, Steve Breaux and Kathy Reed, 2010, Acrylic on Canvas

    Specklers: In the Clover: 2011: CD

    In the Clover is an agricultural phrase that represents a period of time over which a field would be grown over in clover. Clover replenishes soil by releasing nitrogen from its roots. This allows the same land to produce a harvest over a long period of...

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