Specklers: In the Clover: 2011: CD

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In the Clover Cover: Aboiteau, Steve Breaux and Kathy Reed, 2010, Acrylic on Canvas
In the Clover is an agricultural phrase that represents a period of time over which a field would be grown over in clover. Clover replenishes soil by releasing nitrogen from its roots. This allows the same land to produce a harvest over a long period of time without the need for excessive fertilization. This practice sacrifices short term gains for the benefits of long term sustainability.

In South Louisiana; planting, growing, and harvesting are central to the sustainability of Culture. This is increasingly threatened by the nearsightedness of modern industrial practices. Fertilizer runoff drastically effects the ecosystem of the marsh.

This album (In the Clover) reflects the perspective of those who have felt the costs of modernity.

Aboiteau, the painting created for the cover of In the Clover, represents the Acadian aboiteau, which is a system of flood gates that allowed a community of people to settle and farm a piece of land that was naturally infertile. The aboiteau captured and collected floodwater and silt before allowing it to be redistributed over the areas set aside as farmland. Like a river's delta, flooding and replenishing the surrounding land with nutrient rich silt, the aboiteau enabled the Acadians to farm sustainably and predictably. This type of ingenuity was called upon for inspiration in many of the arrangements and sounds created for In the Clover.

All sounds and parts were created in real life and captured for the album. The limitation of 8 analog tracks forced the innate ingenuity of Specklers to surface. The resultant crop is one of sustainable nourishment. Enjoy!


released June 15, 2011

Recorded entirely in analog format on 8 tracks, and kept in that format for as long as feasibly possible (mix/master/publishing)

Written and Produced by Lucas Broussard and Jason Harrington at Ravis Records in Kaplan, LA between October of 2008 and October of 2010.

Cover: Aboiteau, Steve Breaux and Kathy Reed, 2010, Acrylic on Canvas

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