The Lullaby

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The Lullaby

The Lullaby is a Road-Tested, Musician Approved, Professional-Grade Vacuum Tube Amplifier, Handmade in Lafayette, LA.


The Lullaby is designed to be an alternative to the disposable electronics created by modern mass production practices, and is proud to be free of Printed Circuit Boards and Surface-Mount Components! In their place, we've crammed time tested vacuum tube circuitry, extensively researched, high-quality, raw materials and components, and a shitload of Love.

The result is an amplifier that can hold its own in the presence of the famous models of the 50's, 60's, or 70's. You know the ones! The ones that after 50 or 60 years still sweat tone. The ones that started this whole thing to begin with. That's the standard that The Lullaby is built to.

  •  2-Stage Pure Path Vacuum Tube Preamplifier 
  • Class A Single Ended Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier 
  • Handwired Eyelet Board Construction
  • 1/4" Instrument (1-Meg Ohm)
  • Volume Control
  • Proprietary Speaker Cabinet: Hand Carved Juniper; Hand Rubbed Finish
  • 100% Shielded Die-Cast Hammond Chassis
  • Top-Shelf Audio Capacitors
  • Hammond Audio Transformers
  • Hammond Power Transformers
  • Hand Numbered and Signed by Lullaby Founder Jason Harrington
  • Made by hand in South Louisiana.  Fait en Louisiane

Vacuum Tube Configuration:

5 Watt Output Power: Dual Triode Octal 6SL7 Preamp, Class A Single Ended 6V6 Power, Full-Wave 5Y3 Rectifier

9 Watt Output Power: Dual Triode Octal 6SL7 Preamp, Class A Single Ended 6L6 Power, Full-Wave 5AR4 Rectifier


Standard Cabinet:

  • Hand Carved Juniper
  • 13" X 13" X 11" 
  • 10" High Efficiency Driver (USA)
  • 18 lbs.








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Lullaby Sound Design Creates Individually Voiced Instrument Amplifiers Built to Heirloom Standards. Fait En Louisiane.